• Where and how do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration on the streets, in music videos, my commutes to university, walking to the shops and going around cities then capturing the moments through photography.

• Why did you choose to use lace?
I choose to use lace, because I felt I could put a contemporary spin on a classic and feminine fabrication making it feel fresh. Also, I worked a lot with lace during my internship year and fell in love with the fabric.

• How did you you work the lace? (specific technics used ? dye technics ?

I mounted the lace with various weights of tulle to create structural tailored pieces. I applied sportwear finishes to lace garments and layered different fabrications with the lace to provide a textural experience.

• What did you want to express through your creations?
I wanted to express this feeling and playfulness in regards to mixing different textures together. Channelling this extravagant, yet wearable and chic mood whilst still being street all at the same time.

• What are your future projects?
I will be launching a brand with my partner Tommy-louis Julius Funch Kraglund from Kea Design School Denmark in the coming future.

• For you, as a young designer, what is the future of lace in fashion?
The future of lace in fashion for me is bringing it more and more into urban and contemporary space. Changing the narratives of how lace has been traditionally used and applying that to a context that is unfamiliar to the fabric, whilst keeping the techniques alive.