With their Victorian overtones and loose, oversized corsets, Missy Wu’s clothes stop us in our tracks! Are they a 2019 version of Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady? No, they’re “the self-portrait of a woman” explains the London College of Fashion student. A painting divided into four ages ranging from childhood – when the obligation to “act like a girl” is imposed – to the liberation and “emancipation of femininity”. In this reflection on empowerment, the young designer focuses on lace, considered a “traditional fabric of femininity” and deconstructs its image with cleverly layered motifs, materials and colors. Her collection, that she calls “The Silent Ones”, pays homage to a voice that is too often silent. There’s no use pointing out how much she is “of her era” but especially to what point we’re seduced by this super-feminine, super-modern lady!