Long, blowing skirts that float nonchalantly to the ground instead of perfectly-fitted sheath dresses, loose lace tops rather than corseted bustiers : a whiff of rebellion blows over the world of marriage! Today’s bohemian brides adore nature and the outdoors. They sit around simply-decorated tables with friends, stick a flower in their chic but untidy chignons, wear a demure, braided crown of flowers to highlight their long, wavy hair, are showered with flower petals instead of confetti … and light up the evening with candles or paper lanterns ! This lifestyle, an antithesis of classic, conventional traditions, is authentic and wildly romantic, a nod to 60s and 70s hippie traditions.

Lace is everywhere in vintage-style, Chantilly or guipure lace dresses with retro details (tiny buttons down the back, an updated waiter’s vest). Shapes are free and airy as vegetation motifs inspired by Flower Power irresistibly mix the carefree with the elegant. Bohemian weddings and brides, so popular in Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries, now seduce France as well, inspiring designers who capture this bewitching, breezy trend. Delphine Manivet, Aurélia Hoang, Christina Sfez, Rime Arodaky, Elise Hameau, Laure de Sagazan, Mathilde Marie create simple, beautiful dresses that could also be worn at a casual country party or while reading a book in a hammock under a tree. Why do they seduce us so much, even if we’re not thinking about marriage ? It’s because of their fluid lines, delicate neutral tones and fresh sensibility. And of course, the finesse of Sophie Hallette laces !