Delivery and return


What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to over 200 countries. You can see the list of countries below.

What are the delivery costs and times?

Delivery costs are a flat rate of 6€ in France, 10€ in Europe and 20€ other countries for all orders under 120€. For orders equal to or higher than 120€, delivery is free. Based on the delivery location, delivery takes from 2 to 5 working days after the package is shipped. To know more about delivery times and the countries we deliver to, consult our “Deliveries and returns” page.

Do I have to pay customs charges?

Sophie Hallette covers any customs costs and formalities. However, certain countries may be subjected to an increase on the bill. If additional costs apply to your order, this will be indicated during step 4 of your ordering process. A list of countries concerned by these regulations is available here All international packages may be subjected to local taxes when they arrive at their destination. The taxes to pay as well as allowances are determined by the authorities in the destination countries.

What transporter do you use?

We usually ship by DHL. Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A delivery notice will be left if the addressee is absent. After 3 delivery attempts where the shipper will leave a delivery notice each time, the package will be held at DHL for 7 days. The package will only be turned over if someone signs the delivery slip. For small parcels, we may choose to ship by postal tracked mail.

How can I follow delivery of my package?

As soon as your order has been shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the tracking number and a link to our shipper’s site.

Can I have the package delivered to an address different from the billing address?

Your personal space will allow you to record numerous addresses for different deliveries and select the one best for you each time. You can also indicate a new address during step 3 of the ordering process.


Under what conditions can I return an article to you?

To return an article if you are a private individual, you must first download the return form here and then, once identified, return to our Contact page. You can then select the “Return a product” object and attach the completed form to your request.

What is the time limit to send back articles?

Private individuals have the right to return their order within 14 working days following its delivery date. The articles returned will be reimbursed.

Do I need to use a specific shipper to send the products back?

We will cover the shipping costs for return requests that meet one of the following conditions:
 the Sophie Hallette Store made an error when it prepared your order
 the package arrived damaged
Once your request to return an item has been validated, you will receive a prepaid DHL label by e-mail to stick on the package and a return authorization slip to put inside. However, if you are a private individual and you wish to return your package for another reason other than those explained above, you have 14 days to return it. You are responsible for the shipping costs.

If I am being reimbursed, how long will this take to be done?

After your return package has been received and validated, the reimbursement will be done in 30 working days and you will receive an e-mail confirming the reimbursement.

Countries and time of delivery

You can find below the 200+ countries in which you can receive your order. Click on the continent in order to see if your country is part of the list.

*Delivery time is an average time. Estimated delivery time in working days.


Country Delivery*
Andorra 3-5 days
Albania 3-5 days
Austria 3-5 days
Belarus 3-5 days
Belgium 3-5 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-5 days
Bulgaria 3-5 days
Croatia 3-5 days
Cyprus 3-5 days
Czech Republic 3-5 days
Denmark 3-5 days
Estonia 3-5 days
Faroe Islands 3-5 days
Finland 3-5 days
France 2-4 days
Germany 3-5 days
Gibraltar 3-5 days
Greece 3-5 days
Guernsey 3-5 days
Hungary 3-5 days
Iceland 3-5 days
Ireland 3-5 days
Italy 3-5 days
Jersey 3-5 days
Latvia 3-5 days
Liechtenstein 3-5 days
Lithuania 3-5 days
Luxemburg 3-5 days
Macedonia 3-5 days
Malta 3-5 days
Moldova 3-5 days
Monaco 3-5 days
Montenegro 3-5 days
Netherlands 3-5 days
Norway 3-5 days
Poland 3-5 days
Portugal 3-5 days
Romania 3-5 days
Russian Federation 3-5 days
San Marino 3-5 days
Serbia 3-5 days
Slovakia 3-5 days
Slovenia 3-5 days
Spain 3-5 days
Sweden 3-5 days
Switzerland 3-5 days
Turkey 3-5 days
Ukraine 3-5 days
United Kingdom 3-5 days
Vatican City State 3-5 days


Country Delivery*
Armenia 6-8 days
Afghanistan 6-8 days
Azerbaijan 6-8 days
Bahrain 6-8 days
Bangladesh 6-8 days
Bhutan 6-8 days
Brunei 6-8 days
Burma (Myanmar) 6-8 days
Cambodia 6-8 days
China 5-7 days
East Timor 6-8 days
Georgia 6-8 days
HongKong 6-8 days
India 6-8 days
Indonesia 6-8 days
Iran 6-8 days
Iraq 6-8 days
Israel 6-8 days
Japan 6-8 days
Jordan 6-8 days
Kazakhstan 6-8 days
Korea, Dem. Republic of 6-8 days
Kuwait 6-8 days
Kyrgyzstan 6-8 days
Laos 6-8 days
Lebanon 5-7 days
Macau 6-8 days
Malaysia 6-8 days
Maldives 6-8 days
Mongolia 6-8 days
Nepal 6-8 days
Oman 6-8 days
Pakistan 6-8 days
Palestinian Territories 6-8 days
Philippines 6-8 days
Qatar 6-8 days
Saudi Arabia 5-7 days
Singapore 5-7 days
South Korea 6-8 days
Sri Lanka 6-8 days
Syria 6-8 days
Taiwan 6-8 days
Tajikistan 6-8 days
Thailand 6-8 days
Turkmenistan 6-8 days
United Arab Emirates 6-8 days
Uzbekistan 6-8 days
Vietnam 6-8 days
Yemen 6-8 days


Country Delivery*
Anguilla 5-7 days
American Samoa 5-7 days
Antigua and Barbuda 5-7 days
Argentina 5-7 days
Aruba 5-7 days
Bahamas 5-7 days
Barbados 5-7 days
Belize 5-7 days
Bermuda 5-7 days
Bolivia 5-7 days
Brazil 5-7 days
Canada 4-6 days
Cayman Islands 5-7 days
Chile 5-7 days
Colombia 5-7 days
Costa Rica 5-7 days
Cuba 5-7 days
Dominica 5-7 days
Dominican Republic 5-7 days
Ecuador 5-7 days
El Salvador 5-7 days
Grenada 5-7 days
Guatemala 5-7 days
Guyana 5-7 days
Haiti 5-7 days
Honduras 5-7 days
Jamaica 5-7 days
Martinique 5-7 days
Mexico 5-7 days
Montserrat 5-7 days
Nicaragua 5-7 days
Panama 5-7 days
Paraguay 5-7 days
Peru 5-7 days
Puerto Rico 5-7 days
Saint Barthelemy 5-7 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis 5-7 days
Saint Lucia 5-7 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 5-7 days
Suriname 5-7 days
Trinidad and Tobago 5-7 days
Turks and Caicos Islands 5-7 days
United States 4-6 days
Uruguay 5-7 days
Venezuela 5-7 days


Country Delivery*
Angola 5-7 days
Algeria 4-6 days
Benin 5-7 days
Botswana 5-7 days
Burkina Faso 5-7 days
Burundi 5-7 days
Cameroon 5-7 days
Cape Verde 5-7 days
Central African Republic 5-7 days
Chad 5-7 days
Comoros 7-9 days
Congo, Dem. Republic 5-7 days
Congo, Republic 5-7 days
Djibouti 6-8 days
Egypt 5-7 days
Equatorial Guinea 5-7 days
Eritrea 5-7 days
Ethiopia 5-7 days
Gabon 5-7 days
Gambia 5-7 days
Ghana 5-7 days
Guinea 5-7 days
Guinea-Bissau 5-7 days
Ivory Coast 5-7 days
Kenya 5-7 days
Lesotho 5-7 days
Liberia 5-7 days
Libya 5-7 days
Madagascar 5-7 days
Malawi 5-7 days
Mali 4-6 days
Mauritania 5-7 days
Mauritius 5-7 days
Mayotte 5-7 days
Morocco 4-6 days
Mozambique 5-7 days
Namibia 5-7 days
Niger 5-7 days
Nigeria 5-7 days
Rwanda 5-7 days
Senegal 5-7 days
Seychelles 5-7 days
Sierra Leone 5-7 days
Somalia 5-7 days
South Africa 5-7 days
Sudan 5-7 days
Swaziland 5-7 days
Tanzania 5-7 days
Togo 5-7 days
Tunisia 5-7 days
Uganda 5-7 days
Western Sahara 5-7 days
Zambia 5-7 days
Zimbabwe 5-7 days


Country Delivery*
Fiji 7-9 days
Australia 7-9 days
Guam 7-9 days
Marshall Islands 7-9 days
New Zealand 7-9 days
Samoa 7-9 days
Solomon Islands 7-9 days
Tonga 7-9 days
Vanuatu 7-9 days
Wallis and Futuna 7-9 days