A designation that encompasses the different Leavers lace manufacturers in Calais and Caudry and marks a logical evolution since today the Caudry basin represents 75% of Leavers lace production worldwide. And while we’re talking numbers, we mention that 90% of the world’s Leavers looms are located in France, concentrated in the Calais-Caudry area.

Created in 1958 to guarantee lace’s history, techniques, skills and quality of production, the DENTELLE DE CALAIS® label was no longer appropriate. “It is only the name that changes but in no way does this modernization alter the label’s definition” explains Romain Lescroart, President of Sophie Hallette and President of the French Lace and Embroidery Federation.

The name may change … but not the high standards! DENTELLE DE CALAIS-CAUDRY® continues to certify the characteristics of a precious, rare lace woven by a process of interlacing threads that is derived from traditional, two-hundred-year old skills imitating handmade lace. Finesse, transparency, depth, refinement … plus creativity and innovation … This label is a gauge of unrivalled quality and has an exceptional cultural dimension.

Under the new designation, master lacemakers continue to perpetuate a time-honored, unique, precious, unequalled know-how so their laces radiate well beyond the borders of France.