Reinvent the typical laces so integral to Sophie Hallette’s DNA, inject life into ancestral know-how as a signature of recognition … This season Sophie Hallette and Riechers Marescot set off “In search of lost time” and plunge into their archives with gusto to bring out their own “Proust madeleines”. With this season’s muses Albertine, the Duchess of Guermantes and other fictional heroines, Sophie Hallette brings back splendors from the past while continuing on a path of innovation and perfection. This celebration – and preservation – of passing time anchors the new collection in an exceptional heritage while delicately and inventively continuing to write history … or at least the next volume!

The shadow of Young Girls in flower is a haven for a woman whose natural look and relaxed attitude are tinged with an innate refinement. As a romantic heroine like Gilberte, she might wear a lace dress with wildflower motifs in an authentic, emotional fabric of faded colors that evokes the patina of time … Of course, our narrator has an ongoing passion for this intangible woman and follows along on her famous, meandering strolls.

Time regained brings back a woman whose elegance and sophistication recall Oriane, the Duchess of Guermantes. Floral patterns with a sublime classicism, feminine geometrics, novel, seductive arabesques, dots, nettings or streamers and soft, mellow textures borrowed from the Belle Epoque archives project the most extraordinary, traditional laces into a glamorous, contemporary wardrobe. This woman has the strength of a great heroine.

Swann’s Way could offer us an ultra-contemporary, impertinent heroine with an androgynous style: Albertine! For her, masculine-feminine looks metamorphosize traditional florals with a design momentum, adopt extremely graphic geometrics and update satin-stitchings with modern pixels. Like her, lively and astonishing laces are inscribed in modernity with slashes of saturated colors and high-tech finishes. It’s not surprising that her spontaneity made her one of Proust’s most memorable women!